Can anyone outline the advantages to an organisation - ISO 9001 Benefits


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Hi Guys,

Could anyone outline the advantages to an organisation by achieving certification to a standard such as ISO 9001?

Also, Outline the steps involved in achieving certification such as ISO 9001??

Thanks In advance!
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Re: ISO 9001 Benefits


The answer to both questions depends a lot on the size & complexity of your company and where you are at the moment.

Business benefits can be derived from improved credibility with large public & private sector buyers (so opens doors), improved customers satisfaction (so they come back), cost savings from "getting it right first time" (less waste of time & materials), improved staff performance (they're more involved and so, more committed).

Steps - for a small company - appoint your Management Representative; define the customer & other third party requirements; define roles & responsibilities; define the process flow from first customer contact to successful delivery of order; check to see how far away from you are achieving requirements; set up processes & procedures to fill the gaps; start an internal audit process; hold first Management Review; get certified ;-)

The process can take between 3 & 12 months to complete, depending on how much time & help you have.

I go into more detail on the business benefits on our website, which you should be able to find through my profile. Otherwise I'm happy for you to contact me directly.



I'd go to the 'horse's mouth' and read this joint statement from IAF (the International Accreditation Forum and the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) on outcomes to be expected as a result of accredited certification to ISO 9001


Re: ISO 9001 Benefits

The process can take between 3 & 12 months to complete, depending on how much time & help you have.
This sounds rather as though it promotes the possibility of getting certification in as short a time as 3 months as just being dependent on 'how much time & help you have'.

An alternative view from this consultant: While this may sound superficially attractive, it is also highly unlikely and very, very, (very!) rarely achievable in reality. I can count on the fingers of one hand the times I've seen it done in over 20 years of consulting.

OK yes it is theoretically possible. Can and has been done, but in my experience, either only when the company involved was extremely well advanced in the first place and/or (more likely) by using some kind of canned system or 'cookie cutter' type of approach. Which I've never yet seen give any benefits beyond getting a certificate. (And then spending much longer on getting a real system that gives real benefits).


I'm new to the certification game too but what I have learned from the cove is that ISO 9001:

is a busienss process management system.
its a framework for managing any business processes.
try and delete the use of the word 'quality.'
the benefits of applying the requirements of the standard to the ways the things are done in the busienss is that busienss processes will stablise and become more efficient and effective.
staff have a stable system to work with that will enable them to get things more right more often.

I have found the requirements listed at 4.1 of 9001 very illuminating and valuable and what I have mentioned above can be found in there.

Having been in safety a long time only adds to this view.


Re: ISO 9001 Benefits

Hello Jane,

I agree with what you're saying in part, which is why the first line of my post stressed that the answer to the questions depends on the size & complexity of the company and how far along the quality journey they are.

I'll preface this by admitting that my experience is with companies in the UK. The companies that I'm working with have survived the recession and are preparing themselves for the upturn, when it comes. This means two things. First, that they are already doing 90% of what ISO 9001 expects, or they wouldn't have survived. Second, that money is tight, so I've had to be creative to deliver a fully functional QMS at a price they can afford. One does this by identifying what they're already doing that complies with the standard, rather than inventing new processes and procedures from scratch. I use a template that I've developed, to save time (= money) when developing the QMS but it's definitely not "cookie cutter". These systems are developed jointly with the company, who are constantly surprised by the benefits they obtain and certified by international bodies with UKAS accreditation.

The most recent certification that I helped with, was an integrated ISO9001/OHSAS18001, which we put in place in three months because the Management Representative had a firm deadline - and has now been delivered of a fine baby boy!
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Re: ISO 9001 Benefits


Richard, surely even a half way OK consultant could and should be expected to look at 'what a client already has in place' and to develop things 'with' their client rather than impose something brand new, etc.

Accept your point about times in the UK - they're tough here and elsewhere too. May I respectfully suggest that some of what you are writing is starting to come a bit close to promoting one's own services, which is really not the point of the Cove? Slightly questionable from a very new Cove user. I'm a consultant too, but I only very occasionally bring that up in a post and only when it's relevant.

Alternatively, if you'd like to start a discussion (say, the challenges of being a consultant in the UK right now?) then the Consulting forum would be the best place for it.


Re: ISO 9001 Benefits

Hi Jane,
I spent 30 years in manufacturing and had a slightly jaundiced view of consultants, so prefer the term "contractor", but that's by the by. Poor g021283 must feel that their thread has been highjacked by this stuff, so I'll keep it brief and then leave the thread.

As a new boy on the block I checked the site's TOS again before replying to the original post and made no mention of my profession at that time. My information was given freely & with good intent. I believe the TOS allows me to refer to what I do in context and in reply to your earlier contribution, which mentioned twice that you're a consultant (of 20 years standing) and again in your last one. I'm not sure how else I could have reinforced my original post, but am willing to learn.

The field is yours.
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