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Can anyone recommend a consultant and/or registrar? T&E Supplement


Dan De Yarman

There is a slim chance that we might be leaving Perry Johnson, Inc. for consulting as well as Perry Johnson Registrars, Inc. for our audits. Can anyone recommend a consultant and/or registrar that can certify to QS-9000 and the Tooling and Equipment Supplement? It needs to be a company within the U.S. The closer, the better; we are located in Milwaukee(Glendale), WI. Thanks to anyone willing to help.

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I'm in the process of selecting a registrar and so far have narrowed it down to NSF (Ann Arbor, MI) and Entela (Grand rapids, MI). Both have about the longest history of TE experience in the business. Both have about the same number of certified TE auditors (6-7). I like the two-phase registration approach they have also.

I will choose one of them but would sure like a little more input from folks out there with relevent knowledge. From my interviews with them and what I can dig up, it's a dead heat (except for the price).

Don't blame you regarding PJ. I had terrible times with them. Would never recommend them, especially for TE!



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I don't know about NSF. Entela has been a favourite of mine for a numbr of years.

Dan De Yarman

Mark, I noticed you recommended yourself in the FMEA topic I started. Could please you e-mail a schedule of your costs for consulting and registration to me? I would like to have some alternative solutions in hand if the you know what hits the fan.

There are around 100 employees in our company, and this is the only plant we have. If you have a price difference, then please quote that we have over 100 employees (if it matters). Please don't spend too much time on this since I don't know what the game plan is yet. This also goes for anyone else out there who is a consultant/auditor.

Does anyone else know anything about NSF?

If anyone else has any suggestions, please let me know. They are always appreciated.


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Tom Goetzinger

I quoted both NSF and Entella, and ultimately chose NSF, and I am very happy with the decision. I found the audit team they provided to be very experienced and through, yet real world in their approach. I think that we got a good audit, and that they provided value for their fee. (Yes, we have been recommended for registration!)
I eliminated Entela early in the process, because they were the only ones to quote more days (2 1/2 extra) than the standard required; they were willing to reduce it to the required days when asked, but they did indicate that the initial quote was not an error. Frankly, I felt that if they thought 10 1/2 days were required, they should have stuck to it. They also quoted me an extra 1/2 day for each surveilance audit, which was not common with anyone else I quoted. As I was early in the process of quoting registrars, I eliminated them. I quoted quite a number of registrars, and then tried to disqualify the lowest bidders; NSF was competively priced.

Tom Goetzinger

Dan De Yarman

Congratulations on being recommended for registration!

Tom, who was your consultant?

Tom Goetzinger

I used and can highly recommend Bob Teska, of Teska and Associates, located in Racine, WI. He specializes in quality and productivity improvement. If you are interested in contacting him regarding a quotation for his services, he can be reached at 414-632-2742.

Tom Goetzinger
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