Can anyone recommend a Controlled Shipping Provider (CS2), GM approved, in CA?


Luis Ramirez

I'm new to this site, so right off the bat I'd like to thank anyone who could help me.

My company has been placed on CSII by GM. The only providers are located in the East coast, and we really don't need the added expenses to bring them here.

Can anyone recommend someone in the San Bernardino, CA area?

Thanks again, Luis

Bill Ryan - 2007

Welcome to the Cove :bigwave:

I don't know of any GM approved sorting house in your area, so I can't help there.

Where do you send your product? At least in the Midwest, most GM facilities have a "sort house" nearby that you could ship product to before going on to the receiving plant. I think that's what we ended up doing for our "foray" into CSII with an OEM.

Good Luck!!!!!

Luis Ramirez

Thanks for the welcome, Bill.

We ship directly to GM, and being in California none of us have ever heard of a "sort house".

We are looking for a third party inspector, GM approved of course, to come in house and verify our product before being shipped. I learned of only 2 possible vendors but they are not available. We really need someone local to the west coast.

But thanks for the "sort house" trivia. Now I'm gonna have to see if we have anything like that on this side of the country.

Still searching,


Hello we are located in Middle Asia Uzbekistan and here we have a GM plant.
Can you help or advise how it will possible to get approved Third Party sorting company in GM system in order to perform sorting works please?
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