Can OEE (overall equipment effectiveness) exceed 100%?


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I am looking at some OEE sample data and I see that at some point the OEE has gone over 100%. I though that this should not be possible.

Does anyone have some real life examples, where OEE actually did go beyond 100% ?


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Re: Can OEE exceed 100% ?

OEE is calculated with the formula (Availability)*(Performance)*(Quality)

Each of these factors should be bounded from 0 to 1, so the maximum OEE is also bounded by 1 (i.e., 100%). The only way to exceed 1 would be to have a different definition for the factors that is not bounded by 0 and 1.


No. OEE might not exceed 100%. Usually reason for exceeding 100% is wrong definition of Planned Production Time, not proper definition of maximum Rated Output or falsified reporting of First Time Through output.
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