Can someone help me get the UCL AND LCL for this problem?


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:thanks:Hey guys i have tried using statcrunch to get this answer for hours and i keep on getting the wrong answer, can someone please help me get the UCL AND LCL of this problem?

Suppose a government department would like to investigate the relationship between the cost of heating a home during the month of February in the Northeast and the​ home's square footage. The accompanying data set shows a random sample of 10 homes. Construct a​ 90% confidence interval to estimate the average cost in February to heat a Northeast home that is 2,100 square feet

Heating cost ($) Square footage
350 2430
280 2410
300 2030
250 2240
310 2350
460 2640
320 2230
400 3120
330 2550
370 2930

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