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Can Training be used as Preventative Control on FMEA?

The Taz!

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DDaenen1 said:
I was very amused when i browsed through this thread. The hair on my arms raise if the words "operator training" are part of a 8D of CAR regardless if it is listed as root-cause or corrective action.

Now if you tell me that operator training is going to be an action to reduce RPN's in an FMEA, my pants fall down! This goes against all improvement philosophies i've ever heard of. How about mistake proffing, error proofing, poke yoke and Tools like FMEA's, controlplans, 8D's, are all based on the foundation that the human factor should be ruled out of the product development and manufacturing process as much as possible.
Please. . put your pants back on. . . :lmao:

I think all here agree that Trainingor lack thereof of the operators is NOT the root cause. . . Lack of Training Effectiveness is probably the real culprit. . .

Training being performed after the fact is nothing more than a containment action. Spreading the training to other effected areas MAY be looked at as a preventive action.
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