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Can we provide training plan as corrective action for IATF 16949 Non conformity?

Dear Team,

Background: we have an Non Conformity from External agency on engineering drawing for not effectively applying GD&T. Can we provide training plan as corrective action for IATF 16949 Non conformity ? is standard says anything like we can not provide training as corrective action, one of my lead auditor says training will not be accepted as corrective action by External agency and also says we should only deploy trained/skilled resources to execute work.

I would like to ask your expert opinion on this. please help me.
Hmm...what did you determine was the root cause(s)?
Root cause : we determined that drafter is not aware to apply GD & T on routing brackets . because he was applying GD&T for all designs expect the routing or small brackets. To substantiate we are proposing training all drafters as corrective action.
Training would be part of it. But the real concern your auditor is pointing out is how did you come to using untrained or non-competent personnel in the first place.
okay i will include training as one of the corrective action. the real concern is he was trained and competent, he was applying the GD&T of all drawings expect the routing and small brackets. this is the main reason for NC.
Corrective action aim is changing the system.
Training can be correction, but also it can be corrective action, it depends what are training materials.
When training materials are related to system change, then it is corrective action.
When training materials are related to nonconformity related observation, then it is correction.
Training of not trained person is correction.
Training of already trained person is not acceptable at all. If initial training was not effective, following ones have to be ineffective too.
So why initial training was not effective?

John Predmore

Quite Involved in Discussions
with reference other routing drawings where no GD & T applied, he made new drawings for routing brackets.
If other routing drawings which were referenced did not have GD&T applied, and this is discovered as a problem only now, apparently the lack of GD&T on other routing brackets was never discovered before as a problem. You don't indicate that the other bracket drawings without GD&T caused a problem or is now recognized as a problem.

If a simple part has only features of size, GD&T adds no improvement value. Who from your company decided that GD&T was required on this bracket drawing? Does your company have a drafting standard that makes GD&T mandatory? Has something changed from when other bracket drawings were generated without GD&T? Is the new bracket design different from the other brackets so now GD&T is an issue only on the newest drawing, or will you go back and add GD&T to other bracket drawings which do not apply GD&T?
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