Can We Register Only One Department to ISO 9001?


Nancy I

Hi, I work for a very small company (25 employees)15 in manufacturing and 10 in marketing and sales, most of the sales people are located off site at various location across the country. We are in the process of becoming ISO 9001 registered but would like to register only the manufacturing side. Is this possible and what needs to happen to make it possible? Thanks to all Nancy I


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The answer to your question is, YES. You can register the manufacturing side.

All you have to do is meet the requirements of the Standard and those of the Registrar.

Depending upon how you stand as an organization the process may be "tasking" or just hard.

Hopefully some others can give you guidance too.

Remember, the organization determines who, what, where, when and how.

The Standard just gives you an outline on the method to accomplish it and the Registrar verifies that you conform to the Standard.

Andy Bassett

Hello Nancy

I have come across this question before, but normally on the basis of 'fine - go-ahead if you want, but keep my department out of it'.

If you are just building a system to ISO 9000, you will find that your marketing has a very limited involvement anyway, and your sales is only involved in element 3 Contract Review. So even if you built an ISO System it probably wouldnt bother them very much. (BTW If you do implement a system i dont see anyway that you can reasonably exclude Sales from it),

This IMHO is one of the key weaknesses of ISO 9000. If you want a solid competitive company, the reality is that you really need to have all your processes optimised and under control.

Lastly i would be very wary about having a comany where one part is seen to be burdened with rules and regs, and another part is seen to be having a free time, you will create a split organisation and possibly generate some bad feeling.


Andy B
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