Can we send PPAP samples without completing the tests?




Can we send PPAP samples without completing the tests that has to be conducted if we have datas showing we have met the same specification before?
For e.g Salt spray test takes 10 days for completing where the specification is 240 hrs minimum.
In such cases can send the samples referencing the previous occasions when we have met the specification given and also mentioning in the test report that "Salt spray test is in progress.If there is a failure, we shall intimate to you"

Howard Atkins

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This as usual depends on the customer.
Salt tests on the exact material before could be accepted but usually before the customer is willing to accept the parts he will want the results.
What do you stand to gain by submitting an incomplete PPAP.
The only reason I can think is to adhere to the timetable of the customer.


Salt Spray

Salt spray is typically a critical operation. I am guessing that you are checking your plating quality. I also had the same problem when i was in india and it is always better to conduct salt spray and send the PPAP samples to the customer and also ship the components after the test becos failure in salt spray test might affect the function of the final product.
Also you can ask your customer regarding this.
hope this helps
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