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Can you leave sales out...



I'm currently debating this, can I leave the Sales dept. out of the scope? I mean as long as I address Contract Review. With our company, our Sales dept. is controlled by our corporate parents and they make their own policies.


Captain Nice
Staff member
I have never seen sales out of the loop - in every case they have played a part in defining (in one way or another) customer requirements. In addition, who makes up sales brochures - do they have any 'critical' infformation in them? I have seen sales documentation deemed 'controlled documents' by a registrar.

However - that said, some sales functions may not part of their responsibilities. The 'significant' question is: Does it (any given sales function/system) 'affect quality'?

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Alan Cotterell

I think , if you flowchart your delivery process for your product, you will find that the Sales Dept is an integral and essential component. Simply by completing the cycle by handling customer complaints, the sales dept provides 'opportunities for improvement', which are an important part of the quality system. The fact that the sales dept has it's own policies might be indicative of a problem,in itself. Closer liaison of sales, design and manufacturing departments can lead to better identification of customer needs, and a better product which can be built or manufactured. Uncoordinated policies can work against this approach. I cannot see how you can leave the sales dept out of the loop.
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