Can you stock parts without an 8130 and issue one at time of sale?




I have been out of the 8130 world for about 10 years but am now back in it and was tasked with finding out for my company if we can you stock parts without an 8130 and issue at time of sale?

Basically we want to manufacture parts and put them in our stores fully inspected and approved but not issued an 8130 with the purpose of keeping the parts free to be used as a PMA (we make our own PMA's) or as a repair part for our overhaul division.

I know I need to research this issue but was hopping someone could give me insight on if its OK and where I can find the actual regulation.

Thank you in advance for any help,


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Order 8130.21 is the standard that should be used to determine requirements for issuance of form 8130-3.
Typically the 8130-3 is created at time of shipment so you know what the requirements of the form and customer (for example, you will not know if the article will be sold domestically or as an export, or if it would be sold as a PMA or to the TC/TSO holder and not need an 8130-3.

You could have your articles fully inspected by your QMS and then on the shipping line, you would have the FAA authorized issuer inspect/create the 8130-3 at time of issuance.
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