Canadian Users of ISO 14001 please contact me



If you are a user of ISO 14001 in Canada, and by user I mean an organization that has implemented ISO 14001, please contact me.

I am the lead negotiator for ISO 14001 for Canada. There is a by invitation only process that has brought users of the standard together to discuss changes to the standard and the impact of these changes on user organizations and their potential for improving environmental performance.

The next meeting is in June when we expect to have a copy of the final draft standard. We aim to have one company from each business sector we know has invested in the standard. We have public sector involvement as well. You can contact me by sending me an email at etwom (at)

Further we will be offering webinars on the revision in May to explain the revision at a high level; open to any country and from any stakeholder group. As well we will be offering online training on the revision, starting in May. Any questions, happy to address them.


I am unable to understand please let me know, are you rally a member of TC207 or just provide services.
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