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CAPA (Corrective and Preventive Action) Discussions are Getting Out of Hand


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Re: CAPA (Corrective and Preventive Action) discussions getting out of hand


PLEASE do not take my comments as a 'black mark' against YOU. I apologise if it comes across this way. My reasons are founded in the wording of the standard and the constant battle we have, at the cove, with semantics and registrars that think they know how someone should run their business. This site is for EVERYONE and I would never (and the other moderators are the same) remove someone's post for asking a genuine question. Feel free to ask anything you want and if you feel that I (or anyone else) am discriminating then let us know because it is not now and never will be our intent.

Enjoy the cove for its knowledge and friendship. :D

I did not mean to offend Rezzi, or anyone else. After reading my post I don't think I did but please read my repsonse to Rezzi. We, at the cove, respect everyone's questions and hope that we can ,in some small way, shed light on the mysteries of the Quality Field.
Greg et Al.
I was not in anyway offended by your responce. Actually I agree with everything you wrote. I'm extremely impressed by the competence of the people at the cove and its visitors and appreciate all the help that I have recieved throughout the different threads and forums.

The reason for my initial post was to express my feeling regarding some of the discussions regading this delicate topic. Obviousely this is confusing for some people and one should respect that. When the day comes to an end this is somebodies job.

Maybe we should explain and describe how we have implemented the corrective and preventive action process and how its working instead of trying to promote our believes and interpretations as the only correct one.
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