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CAPA - Extensions vs Overdue

Ajit Basrur

Staff member
I would rather prefer to measure CAPA until the root cause has been determined, as the resolution of CAs and PAs would be based on the root cause being identified. Certain CAs and PAs would require more time and to have a common metric for all types would not be meaningful.

Also a general metric over CAPA aging for info sake would serve an indication for the timely closure.


Not out of the crisis
Staff member
Super Moderator
That's a nice approach. I've left them in CAR for years...redefining as an improvement project would have been cleaner.
The end result is the same, but it gets it out of repeated audit questions.
exactly... it's a shame it has to be that way but sometimes preventing audit questions is a goal. Especially if you are in a regulated industry.
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