CAPA - Suggested Action vs Action Plan


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What’s the difference between a Suggested Action and an Action Plan in a CAPA?

At the top of our CAPA form there’s a Suggested Action: field.

After filling in the Root Cause, there’s an Action Plan: field.

I seem to be repeating the same information.

I would appreciate it if someone would please explain the difference.



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Seems to me you need to ask the people who designed the form.

Could be that the suggested action would be some type of containment and the action plan would address the root cause. Just a guess.

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The people who designed the form are long gone and everyone just writes the same thing in two different places.

I believe your guess is correct and Suggested Action is referring to Immediate Containment.

It makes sense.

Thank you!

Document Dame

The form has been updated and the process audit assigned.

Thank you for the help.
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