CAR (Corrective Action Request) Format


Vash Stampede

Probably you would like to consider the 8D which was the widely used in answering the CAR from a complaint coming from the customer or from your internal department.
Or you can make use of this: (see format below).
Car #: ________
Your Name:_________________ Date: _________
Reference: (if customer complaint, provide the contact person name and date.)
Problem Description: (State the problem your customer wants a corrective action and also include here the details.)
Root Cause Analysis: (Here you can state the following:
1. History (e.g. lot)
2. Analysis (through the C&E Diagram)
3. Conclusion
Corrective Action:

CAR closed:
Yes/No Date:

Closed by: (Usually by the QA Head) Date:
I hope this helps.
Vash Stampede
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