CAR/PAR (Corrective Action / Preventive Action) Systems - How to Centralize?



CAR/PAR Systems

During our ISO Audits we always seem to get a ding on our CAR/PAR system. So again we are reviewing our system. We recently have started a change to a more centralized process, (CAR Coordinator, Master log for tracking, Central file of closed CARS). I am looking into ideas of what others do in there systems to make it sucessful?? How is tracking done, how to get internal/ external replies in a timely manor, control of the system. One of our weak areas is participation/response.

Also, to help me understand PARS more correctly, how are PARS generated from CARS ??

Any help on this would be greatly appreciated. And I thank you.

George Trybulski

I have a fairy good system using Microsoft Access. You name it and it will track it including printing out CARs, (I'm not familar with PARs ) but will generate SCARS, Waivers, Deviation reports.It can be customized to include any critera that your systems tracks. As to timely responses, persistance is the only answer ! If you want more info, contatt me at [email protected]

Andy Bassett

I dont know how big you are. But i once saw in a fairly big Auotmotive Manufacturer a centralied system whereby problems were logged into a system, distributed to the correct person and booked out again when they were solved.

The advantage is that you can weekly/monthly publish a statistics of which person/dept/area has the most amount of open points. This tends to help.

I tried to implement this in a company of 200 people and it was a complete administrative pain.

I am also interested to hear of other peoples solutions.


Andy Bassett

I forgot to mention that in a smaller comopany i am currently implementing a system whereby red 'Suspect' stickers are printed on a role in twos (ie two stickers with the same Serial number) and placed in the manufacturing area.

When a suspect part is located one sticker is put on the part directly, and the other is placed on the left-hand column of a A3 sheet alos located in the production area. QC are responsible for noting by hand on the A3 sheet the CA/PA, although as ever the difference between the two is fiercely debated.

Andy B


During our last third party audit, it was suggested that we add something to our CAR system and CAR form to include preventive action. What does anyone suggest or think about this. How can we add this in? Is it a requirement?


Perhaps my question is related to Bryan's original question; How do you generate PAR's from CAR's?


Fully vaccinated are you?
Preventive Action again rears its ugly head!

I would suggest we take a brief tour of What is a Preventive action.

Ley's look at: and and

In the 'old' days, you did a preventive action in a corrective action. It meant "What will you do to prevent this (or this type) of problem from recurring?" The definition has since widened a bit. But - read thru the links and let's see what questions arise.

Laura M

Breifly read through old threads. Some correspond to a recent Lead Assessor course I took which stated that the only "true" preventative action is regarding something that hasn't happened yet. PFMEA's, training, quality planning, "preventative" maintenance, etc were the sited requirements (QS) that were preventative. When I stated that I thought analysis of a "corrective action" and looking at similar products that it hasn't happened on "yet" was preventative, and I was told "not really" ...that would still be taking action on something that has already occurred.

For discussion:
I guess my next question then would be "does it really matter" it all part of continuous improvement regardless of what we call it? If PFMEA's are a typically produced document as evidence of preventative action, and since PFMEA's aren't a part of the ISO requirements, what did those folks have in mind? AND, are PFMEA's really PREVENTATIVE, when typically similar past processes are looked at for occurance data? mmmmm Just trying to stir up some debate.


Thank you all for your feedback.
Marc, you asked about what the dings were.
First these were just minor dings. We received two, one for lack of writting CAR's, (it was felt CAR's written were small compaired to the number of NCR's written, company participation) and two, not having a very controlled system. (it was felt unorginized with each dept trying to handle and control there own CAR's, to many locations of filing CARs.) Recommendation was to have a more centralized system. Thats what brought on the question of what others may be doing in a centralized system.

We have the same trouble with PAR's, getting people to write them. Company participation.

Looking for something successful on both these.
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