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Wes Bucey

Today, I was driving through town on the 4 lane main street with a 25 mph speed limit. the rest of the traffic was keeping pace with me, all running 23-27 mph, when a giant black Escalade (CIA type - blacked out windows, etc.) came weaving through us, no horn, no siren, no flashing lights, no one being chased nor doing the chasing, occasionally swinging into the oncoming lanes to get past, doing somewhere between 45 and 55 mph. I felt like I was in a gangster movie getaway scene. I traveled about another half mile (about a minute) and I saw the same SUV in the parking lot of a Quick Serve restaurant, and a middle-aged woman sitting at the wheel with the driver's window rolled down, obviously waiting for someone.

15 minutes later, I was caught in a 1/4 mile long backup where construction narrowed from two lanes to one, everyone in line, just like sheep when a guy in a Porsche Boxster came roaring down the should, past the line of cars and cut in at the front. My anger was not for the Boxster driver, but for the mook who let him in!