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Can someone please give me some advice...

I have an Associates Degree. I am scheduled to go to LA course this summer. This would be a good career move (I think). I would like to get into auditing. I know about the travel and the headaches, but hey, I am a masochist. I have 2 yrs as an auditor and a Mgt. Rep. at my company. I was a big part of initial cert. I have 10 other years of experience in QC/QA.

My question:

1. What chance do I have of getting work as a contractor with auditing firms?

2. If the answer to "1" is "ARE YOU SERIOUS??? HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!", then what do I need to do??

I have a copy of the RAB LA packet, so I know about the audit hours, etc. I just need some advice. I love the travel (I live out of a suitcase now, and no that is not to say I live in a car, just travel a lot) and Quality is my bag. I will travel to get the hours (within reason, of course). My goal is to get the experience and the BS degree with the next 10 years (on line is the coming thing, UMaryland has a great program) and then go to work at a regular nine to five type of job at a automotive company.

What do I need to do? Is there any advice out there?

Knoxville, TN


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Well, you contact registrars until you come up with one who will take you on.

There are other 'options'. Some cities have local audit 'consortiums' (usually an ASQC group) which can help. I have seen lots of folks offer their time for free just to get the hours/audits in.

What will happen is up to you as a person. I have seen people with really, really extensive, impressive resumes begging for hours and no registrar would touch them, while others seem to find a registrar to take them on quickly without a problem.

Part of the problem is ISO auditors are like ISO consultants (myself included) - they're a dime a dozen. I don't get as many e-mails and calls as I used to, but until about 2 years ago it was like the 1849 gold rush. Always somebody calling or writing and asking how to get into the ISO business (usually as an auditor, sometimes as a consultant).

What you want to do can be done, but you definitely have some work to do.

The others may also have some tips for you.


I just returned from 55 Annual Quality Congress in Charlotte. Never seen so many Registrars in exhibit area. In a "feeding frenzie"; looking for clients,looking for auditors so apparently jobs are out there if you can find them.


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Well I guess I've jumped into the fire. I just signed with a registrar as an Independent Contractor. To tell you all the truth I have no idea what I'm getting in to.


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I remember when you first asked about working for a registrar! I think, like any other job, you have to like to audit. That makes the traveling, working with the customers & your parent company, etc. worth it all.
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