CBA (Certified Biomedical Auditor) exam - March 7, 2015


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I am giving taking the ASQ Certified Biomedical Auditor exam on Mar 7, 2015. Any advice, recommendations, suggestions ?

Is there any group working on this ?


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I have no famialiarity with the CBA exam or Body of Knowledge (BOK) but have successfully done several other ASQ exams. Most important is a strong knowledge of the exam but i think that many people find the Quality Council ofIndiana (CQI) books very useful. I'd also suggest taking a number of practice exams in a timed enviornment. I'd especially recomend taking ASQ's practice questions which are retired from old exams -in they show the actual caliber of the questions which i find much better than other sources .
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I know this is not a good question but ... do most of the qwuestions for the CBA come from the QCI Primer ? :)


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Friends, I am happy to let you all know that I made it ... passed the CBA :)

Planning to give the CPGP exam in Dec 2015.


Congrats! How were you notified? Email? (The latest pass list posted I see is for the March 2 exam.)


can you post a copy of the email blanking out personal details?
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