CDPH (California Department of Public Health) audit


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Does anyone know what does CDPH (California Department of Public Health) audit entails? I work for a medical device manufacturering company and we were just notified about CDPH audit as one of our supplier had a recall. No further details have been provided by our supplier nor CDPH except the audit dates. Please share any information.

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I've only experienced one audit with them at a previous job and it related to a transfer of company ownership. They did not provide dates ahead of time and showed up (unfortunately in the middle of our ISO/MDSAP audit). They just reviewed records relating to the company sale. I would imagine they are going to want to look at your records relating to the recall. The audit I experienced only took a few hours, thank goodness, as it was a very small team and handling auditors from two separate organizations was a challenge!


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I've had a couple of clients in Texas who have been inspected by Texas Department of Health, acting for the FDA (routine inspection). Not sure if this is your case, of course.

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