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My company manufactures material testing systems in the US. Our primary customer base is located in the States but we also receive inquiries from Europe. Is a CE mark required for all testing systems sold to European countries? Is this requirement set by EU customs or by each separate company?

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The CE-Mark requirements are mandated by the European Laws. There are many different directives. In your case, based on the description of the type of product you are involved with, the Machinery Directive seems to apply for sure, but there might be other Directives at play, as well.

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Here is the list of EU directives / regulations that provide for CE marking:

A. Active implantable medical devices
B. Appliances burning gaseous fuels
C. Cableway installations to carry persons
D. Construction Products
E. Ecodesign of energy related products
F. Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC)
G. Equipment and protective systems intended for use in potentially explosive atmospheres
H. Explosives for civil use
I. Hot water boilers
J. In vitro diagnostic medical devices
K. Lifts
L. Low voltage devices (LVD)
M. Machinery
N. Measuring instruments
O. Medical devices
P. Noise emission in the environment
Q. Non-automatic weighing instruments
R. Personal protective equipment
S. Pressure equipment
T. Pyrotechnic articles
U. Radio equipment
V. Recreational craft
W. Restriction of the use of certain hazardous substances in electrical and electronic equipment (RoHS 2)
X. Safety of toys
Y. Simple pressure vessels

Applicability depends on the specific nature of the products at hand. I would look first at items E, F, L, M, N & W. Others might apply as well.
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