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Cell Design - Use DFMA (Design for Manufacture & Assembly) Analysis


Starting to get Involved
Any good guides/tutorials about setting up a workstation based on a Design for Manufacture & Assembly (DFMA) analysis?

DFMA contains a manual handling analysis, and a fitting analysis.
There are many rules that lead to scores.
This logic should be applied to the physical process somehow...

I think sometimes you have a good design, but the execution of the manufacturing cell is bad? Not getting max effiency of the design.

Basically I'm looking for -
"present screws like this"
"springs should be fed like that"
"consider this when making a fixture"
"Mount tools this way"


Thanks in advance!!!


Starting to get Involved
OK, not strictly based on DFMA... however my research has brought me to a paper which has some useful information.

Lean Workstations: Organised for Productivity

NOTE: Dead Link removed.
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This is also an old one with no replies. My Thanks in advance to anyone who can help out with a reply.
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