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Centralizing the Receiving and Storage of Electronic Customer Data



I am looking to develop a procedure for the centralized recieiving and storage of electronic customer data (i.e. BOMS, CAD). Our company has several different sales people who recieve data and but I need to centralize it to one person. We have had instances where the data package we quoted is not the data package we built because currrent rev data was not shared. Does anyone have a procedure for the receiving of this type of data. I would rather not reinvent the wheel.


In my industry (Defence) we receive technical data that has to be managed and retained on behalf of the customer. We use our Configuration Management process to do this.
The CM process was designed to handle any information relating to product and, more importantly, product design. So it tracks Rev levels, design changes, design deviations e.t.c.
I am sure that there is a ton of information about this on the web and a quick search would yield results.
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