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Certification covering work place at clients' premises

barb butrym

Quite Involved in Discussions
if you are asking ...will the registrar visit the work sites at client locations? Yes...that is where your process takes place.

The company business address would be the billing/corporate office.

not sure where you ae going with the question, did that help?

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Thanks for your reply. The question is What address should be written on the certificate. Is it the corporate address( and a few more job sites, which change from time to time) ?


Captain Nice
Staff member
When you have multiple locations registered on a certificate, all locations will be listed on the certificate.


Any body can show a path forward for certification of an Organisation, which has multiple place of working including multiple clients' job sites. What should be the basis of recording the address of business place. Will it be limited to Corporate office only where the policy decisions are taken only.



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