Certification for Indoor Human-Robot Collaboration Safety Positioning System



I am new to this forum and new to this Certification field. I am a Master student doing my masters thesis. I need to develop a indoor positioning system which need to be certified later, for this purpose i need to write all the process to make it certified later. How should i know which ISO standards do i need to make it certified and also do i need all the requirements before developing the system or after developing?




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Re: Certification for indoor positioning system.

This depends on several aspects:
  • Purpose (industry, medical, army?)
  • Area of application (sensitive machinery, mobile, etc)?
  • Methods (bluetooth, wifi, other?)
Without such information you might be led astray. Even with the information, design specifics may influence sstandard evaluation and selection.


Re: Certification for indoor positioning system.

Thanks for your reply.It is a indoor positioning system for human-robot collaboration Safety.

Heavy industrial Robots.

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Re: Certification for indoor positioning system.

Hello and welcome to the Cove!

You should probably look at machinery safety standards and regulations. For instance, in the EU you'd need to look at the Machinery Directive. You can also browse the list of harmonized standards under that Directive, there are many safety related standards in there.

I would definitely recommend identifying and consulting the relevant standards and regulations upfront, as early as possible in the process. It should become part of the design input (product requirements).

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