Certification of company which is outsourcing ALL its personnel including management?



Certification of company using outsourcing.

Is it possible to register a company which is outsourcing ALL its personnel (including management & labor)? for example:

Company A is candidate to registration.

Company A has no direct employees on its payroll.

Company B provides all staff and labor personnel and training to Company A.

Company C provides ejecutive management personnel (including President) to Company B, wich in turn, provides it to company A.

Does this have any influence on the certification process for company A?

What could be the implications on this scheme for company A?


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Q: Is Company "A" conducting its business as it states it will in its organizational documents and in conformance to the applicable standard?

A: If it is, regardless of who pays who and what uniform they wear, as an Auditor I would have no problem with it.

I look at the process and not the people.
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