Certified under 9001-2000 Globally/Internationally



Hello all!!!!!!

Anyone out there that has obtained "global" certification or attempted to? or lived through an implementation of one?

Is this realistic?



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I have. Motorola semi-conductor was QS-9000 world wide. What do you want to know?

(BTW - I'm working in Miami this week so it may take me a day to respond to any specific question(s).)

Lucinda - who are you working with on a global implementation? ISO 9K?



Not sure if I understand your question. We aren't working with anyone, as far as a consultant or registrar go - it's too early to bring a registrar in.

I suppose we will qualify as a "global certification" since we have business locations in three countries (and actually operating our business in the waters off many more), and we will have one QMS covering it all. Not as big and grand as Motorola, but "global" for us just the same!:)


Global certification?

Would you give your definition of Global certification?


Global Certification

Hi Wallace,

Global certification= 1 certificate of registration through an external organization with the scope encompassing more then 3 countries and the same processes.

Lucinda/Marc, Please share your experiences as I am quite intrigued. How difficult was it to implement? Is it a paper system/ electronic system? How did you deal with culture issues?

I am in the process of bringing it to the table at our next meeting. I would prefer to get "real" live first hand experience from you guys!

Edith:rolleyes: :rolleyes:


Fully vaccinated are you?
Lucinda: I meant what company are you working in/for.

Edith: I'm in Miami and will try to answer any questions in detail this weekend when I'm back at home on a fast connection. Dialup sucks bigtime as far as speed goes. And I'm on a portable I bought 5 years ago so its slow its self.

Greg Maggard

Globial, Are you making the certification for several facilities or that you supply into three countries? My company has 13 facilities and we supply all over the Globe. The only plant that is certified in our company is a plant in Thialand. I am tring to get the United States plant certified currently. I would be interested in seeing how you do this and would like to follow your progress if you don't mind.:)

People helping people


My company is Canyon Offshore. ROV operation, and intervention and subsea tooling design and assembly. Our website is canyonrov.com if anyone wants to take a look.

Edith, I haven't encountered the cultural and language problems that I had initially thought would be there. Most of the workers are Brits or Aussies or Americans. Offshore workers are offshore workers the world over. We do have some Brazilians and language for personal conversation might be slow, but when they get onto the job it's like everyone in the business just knows what to do and they communicate fine. At some point if we continue to use the Brazilian workers, we may consider doing a translation of the procedures.

We are in the really early stages of this. The Operations manual of procedures is in hard copy (every new hire gets a personal sized reference copy) and also on network. Each office has their own network, which means that as Document Control Officer I have to copy the DCA's in the other two offices. Our plan is to move to a web based system for the forms, procedures and QMS databases.

We also have about 25 stand alone computer systems that must carry these forms and procedures on their hard drives.

I don't envision much difficulty because we are really a very small company as far as management structure. The primary difference is in recognizing the legal and regulatory implications of where we operate. For example, risk assessment is mandatory for North Sea whereas is rare (as a formalized activity) in the Gulf of Mexico. That sort of thing. Also, the forms must sometimes be altered to account for information that one country needs to record but not another. Personnel hiring practices are different (due to employment laws), so HR procedures will vary slightly.

You may end up with local mgt review which is fed into the Top Mgt. mgt. review. That tidies things up and keeps the Top Mgt. mgt review from trying to tackle reports from all the locations. (With our small company, we will still try to use just the one management review)

I'm sure Marc will be able to give you much better info than I could.


To be Global or keep dreaming?

Hi Greg,

We are a service industry that has 200+ offices globally. I will definatley let you know how it goes. To tell you the truth, I don't even know how realistic this concept actually is! But I will let you know on the outcome!

Unregistered, very interesting information. Do you have a team that works with you? What does the organiziational structure look like?

Edith:rolleyes: :rolleyes:
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