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M Greenaway

How do you 'Globally Certified' companies cope with maintaining flexibility, innovation, etc at each operating plant ?



Couldn't you achieve that through the work instruction level?


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No team, just me. Sad isn't it? Actually, it started as a team concept and I trained about 7 people in the corporate location and then went to one of the other locations and provided training there. The second location is sending someone to an Internal Auditor course at my recommendation so that we would have that much under our belt.

But no one seems capable of supporting the "team" concept, so I've been plugging away on things mostly on my own. My boss is a VP and we've just completed a batch of procedures for his group. We hope that it will kickstart the other departments if they can see a finished product.

The hardest part, the base, is done. All the rest should fall into place now.

All reporting lines come back to the Corporate Office, where the CEO's and the handful of VP's reside. Each regional office has the same departmental structure under that (managers, supervisors, etc.)

Martin, flexibility? What's that?:vfunny: Seriously, we are trying to flush out and limit the amount of flexibility that has previously been shown in our company. This is because we want to ensure consistancy in our product (service). With few exceptions, there is nothing that is good for one region that would not be a good thing for another one. It is our intent to gather and utilize the best practices and apply them across the entire company.

This won't be hard for us because each office is similar enough to make this work.

Regional Level procedures will address issues that are truly isolated to a single region, appendices will address special conditions, and forms that are adapted to regional use (and noted with a letter designation following the form number) will be used. Have I missed anything?

I believe that Edith is correct in saying that work instruction level is also a flexible area. One multi-site scheme is a Corporate "shall" level, followed by independent adoption and release of regional procedures that meet the "shalls". Each site maintains its own set of QMS procedures that will reflect the corporate one, but with regional differences allowed. Lower level work instructions would be dependent on the application of the regional procedure, so they are as flexible as you want them to be.


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Ok but what does one do, when company A) merges with company B) who then merges with Company C and D.....? The all have QMS's for each "part" of the business.. How do you integrate these business so the QMS Globally (Or even just regionally speaking) looks seamless to the customer?

Any ideas out there?

Greg Maggard

Would you not have a main Corp. office or even R&D certify and set up Level I and II's. Then each facility make their own Level 3 and 4's build off of Corp. and overall Quality Manuals. Each facility would have a personalized system for its own. In that case WI (level 3) would work. Order of chain: :)
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