Certifying A Seltered Company



We have a sheltered company in Mexico. Only one person (the plant manager) is actually a member of our company. The building is not owned by us, 100% of the employees are contract supplied employees, the company is not our Corp. (S.A. de C.V. in Mexico).
In short, we do not in anyway own anypart of this company.

But - they manufacturing our products and ship our products to OEs (Truck companies - not the BIG3).

Can we get this company certified with the other company locations and say it is "X" company QS-9000 certified facility?

I don't think we can. It would have to be the corp. in Mexico and therefore the QS certification would not have our name on it. Correct?



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Captain Nice
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I can't help out here - maybe one of the others can. I've never run up against this type of situation. I'll bet this is going to take a discussion with your registrar.

My bet, however, is that the company there will have to hold the certificate.

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