Chamfer Gauge Type 1 Study


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Hello all. I have to get a Type 1 study done on a chamfer gauge that we have in house, but I have a couple of issues:

1) I dont even know how this thing is measuring chamfer, or how it correlates. I did a little bit of reading up on chamfer gauges and from what I can gather, it just measures depth of the plunger inside the hole, taking the taper into consideration.
2) How could I go about finding a reference value for this. Since it doesnt actually give you a value in degrees (or atleast I I dont believe it does), how can I measure something on maybe a CMM or contour tracer to get a good reference value to then use the gauge for comparison to get the Type 1 results? Right now when we zero the gauge, it reads 0.45, but when we dip it down in the hole, it has to read between 10.45 - 10.75 to be within our process tolerance.

Any help is greatly appreciated.
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