Change Anything: The New Science of Personal Success [book]

Wes Bucey

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Re: [book] Change Anything: The New Science of Personal Success

The book has an interesting premise - that an individual can learn "skills" to change his/her personality. The caveat, of course, is what many of us who have labored in the trenches learn after a lifetime of experience:
"It ain't easy, McGee!"

Just as quitting a physical addiction (cigarettes, narcotics, coffee, candy, etc.) is never a once and done proposition, neither is quitting psychological addiction (workaholic, personality, etc.)

I have met and talked with enough "friends of Bill" over the last 40 or 50 years to know that willpower alone is never enough for the truly addicted - they often have to change their entire environment to avoid the "triggers" of their addiction.

I would suggest potential buyers of this book find a way to browse its contents to see whether the suggestions and strategies are something the reader would or could try.

In another thread, we discussed "likeability" as a factor in passing an interview. Some posters suggested a personality change was impossible. The authors of this book might say, "Maybe not everyone can change, but many can if they apply the strategies we provide."

I've seen about as many failures as successes in "behavior modification," but there are proponents of the concept who claim success with everything from dogs (The Dog Whisperer) to criminal sociopaths. My response - "What can it hurt to try?" (provided the individual can truly get to the root cause of his addiction to a bad behavior.)
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