Change in the South as I knew it back then


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You knowing, growing up in rural Alabama in the 1960s and 1970s bring a different perspective to one. Of course there are the usual things to discuss like politics and religion, but those are not the things I am really looking at. In 1973 I left Alabama in the USAF, and other than a short time between the USAF and USN, I have not lived in Alabama since. Now, make no mistake, I love SEC football and have gained a reputation as a sort-of expert in BBQ.

However, I see the South changing. In some ways for the better, in some not so good. Southerners, for all of our faults, always took care of family and friends, and even made sure that others in the neighborhood took care of their own. What appears to be happening - from my limited perspective - is that is not quite as strong as it used to be.

Living in CA, that is something that is not common, that is, the looking out for each other, in most places. Right where I live, my neighbors do. It is in that respect like the South. That is, except it is in the Mojave Desert.

So, this is to pose the question to garner opinions and start discussions, how might that sense of neighbor and watching each other be strengthened where it is present, and sparked where it is not? Please share your thoughts. This is not a political thing, it is a neighbor thing.
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I live in the northeast, Buffalo, NY to be exact, and the sense of community is more in pockets around the area. I jst moved into a ne neighborhood, actually in the process of moving this week, and I've noticed the neighbors waive, say hello, have stopped over and introduced themselves, etc...

I'm thinking every geographic locale has pockets like this.


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A friend of mine is on a first name basis with everyone in his neighborhood. If he see's one of them out watering the yard, enjoying the sun, or otherwise not being engaged in an activity that would cause issues if disturbed he walks up and strikes up a conversation. He lives in a close knit neighborhood.

I on the other hand do not know the name of any of my neighbor's. I do not strike up any conversations nor do I actively participate in any neighborhood events. I simply don't care enough to do so. I have turned off water mains when I see a yard flooding, and put a note with my address on their door. I would call the police if I see something that needs them, but again, I simply don't care enough. Leave me alone, I will leave you alone.

I think it's more about individuals outlook as you could probably find several people in the neighborhood who think we are a tight community, it's all about perception.


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When one of California’s infamous forest fires (2007?) threatened our homes. All of the neighbors gathered in a circle in the street for prayer.
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