Change Management - How can we simplify and reduce our QMS?



Change Management

Looking for some help in regards to implementing changes throughout the company. Our QMS has had very little attention over the last year. Our type of business does not need ISO certification but our system was based on meeting the requirements.

We have a new VP in charge of the continuous improvement initiative. We are looking at what we have and what needs updating. We know from past experience that we need to keep it quick and simple to get buy in from the employees. The VP is fairly new to CI and QMS so he has asked me to find some reference material for our library covering the following: change management, quality systems, process improvements and continuous improvements.

I know there is a plethera of information on this site, but I am swamped and don't have time to read everything so would appreciate being pointed in the right direction. We currently have the latest ISO documents, The Root Cause Analysis Handbook (M. Ammerman), a TQM handbook and a QES workbook.

Anyone wanting to share their Quality Manual, CA/PA, Doc Control & Creation, Records Control & System Audits Procedures with me can send me a private message to get my email. Ours were written very rigidly and do not work well with a company of about 80 so we want to make them more user friendly.

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Hello Cyd,

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Did you browse the Book Review forum for any potential reference material? If not, you might want to check that out.

I'm in a rush right now, but I'll stop back here to check up on your query.


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