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Change Management vs Change Control?


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I am writing a corporate policy on how to implement product and process changes in general. This includes identifying a need for change, having clear objective(s), understanding potential risks/ impacts associated with the change, obtaining stakeholder input and agreement for the change, creating a plan of action, implementing and verifying how the change met the objectives. I am also requesting that the change should be managed via a change management tool: logging/opening a unique change request, tracing the change requirements to existing product/process requirements/definitions, closing the change request, etc..

Two questions...
(1) What is change management vs change control... Would this be accurate?
change management elements are proposing, planning, stakeholder communication, assessing, approving, implementing, monitoring
change control elements are documentation, traceability, approval, version control

(2) Should the change management tool include both management and control elements? (My intuition says yes)

Ronen E

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Different terminology, same intent.
You can make your own definitions if it suits you, just make sure to state them and follow them consistently.

Steve Prevette

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I think there is a distinction, similar to QA vs QC.

"Change Control" is the physical activities of keeping track of current physical items, documents, policies, versions and being sure the worker who needs a tool gets the current version of an item, be it a procedure, document, or even tools and materials. Includes keeping out of date items, or not yet approved items out of circulation.

"Change Management" is more about - Do I really need to implement this proposed change? What are the risks and benefits to the change? How do I roll this change out in a manner that the people will understand and accept.
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