Change revision number in document when only codification was changed



Hi everybody

I work in a steel manufacturing company and I have to rename about 400 documents comprised of procedures, formats, some other type of documents.

The question is, do I have to change the revision number, if only the codification was changed? nothing changed into the document.

Please feed me back.


Fully vaccinated are you?
You're wanting to change document numbering, correct? Your problem is going to be with documents which reference other documents within their content. How do plan to address that issue?


Welll the idea it is no to affect other documents for this change, how? doing it all
in one session.

let say to do this at night, when documents are not needed.

The main Issue I face, it is if I have to register the change in the control on each document, one by one
all of them have not changed the content.



Thanks Randy
Specifically in this point says nothing, I mean in the case that only the codification is changed.

laila bano

I also face the same problem, i would really like to appreciate if someone help me in this regard.
Like the document Revision Number is 00 so after which type of change we need to update the revision number. It would be a single word or a whole sentence, or it would be some technical change in our documents .



I´d say, what have a real impact in the system.

Sometimes there are "cosmetic" changes which don´t affect anything. A change in a process, in responsibilities, in scope, need a new revision.
Normally cosmetic changes are minimal.

Hope it helps


I do not think you need to revise all 400 documents for change in code of the project / product if it does not have any impact on operator safety, product quality and issue of mix ups and customer communication.

Raise a temporary change control and state that whenever these documents are due for revision, will be revised accordingly and as an immediate step, a document ratification / Errata form shall be attached along with all the effected documents. it will help you handle it system wise and will have little impact on the above issues.
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