Change the way we need to document our work - Copies of requirements?



Hello all,
Please forgive my complete ignorance of this subject as I've never had to think about this before now.

I work in a small industrial repair shop & the increasly stringent quality concerns (NOT that we didn't provide quality services in the past!!!) are beginning to change the way we need to document our work.

What I need to find out is--Where can I get a copy of the "rulebook". It would help us greatly to know what type of documentation is required if any or are our customers just doing a little CYA?

Thanks in advance.


David Guffey


You might want to start with those very customers who may be "CYA"'ing you. What are THEIR expectations? What are THEIR requirements? This may or may not lead you to the ISO 9000 series, the QS-9000 (if you are automotive), or any number of other "standards" you might be expected to comply with.

I have always had the most success in satisfying customers when I ask them what their expectations are.


Excellent advice! That was to be my second step. I was hoping to do a little homework first to disguise some of my clueless-ness. I hate to approach someone on any subject and sound completely uninformed (although that still happens every day!) The anonymity of the net makes me a little less shy about displaying my ignorance.

Thank you,

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