Changes from ISO 9001:1994 to ISO 9001:2000



Has anyone put together a complete list of the changes that were made to the new 2000 standard from the 1994 standard?
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I believe Marc added a file I provided to the member files section. If the checklist is there (one provided by my registrar) it does call out in bold the new requirements.

I have also purchased the ISO 9000:2000 In a Nutshell books written by Jeanne Ketola and Kathy Roberts who were both active members of the U.S. TAG to ISO TC 176. (They are also frequent speakers, trainers, and consultants to a wide range of industries on the implementation of ISO 9000 - Per the bio printed on the book cover). I found this very helpful when trying to share the change information with other staff members who aren't familiar with the standard as a whole, just how it affects them.


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There are several threads which detail the changes. I know E Wall did a very detailed analysis in one. Do some searchs here in the forums and/or look through the ISO 900x:2000 forum threads listing. :thedeal:
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