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Hey Everyone!

Im a total newbie to this stuff, and the gentleman that did handle this has recently resigned.

I currently use a not so pretty spreadsheet to quote my customers. Some of the reps and the GM have expressed that they would like to change this to an "easier on the eyes" word document.

What is the process I would use to get this changed?

Also, for internal "costing" purposes, they are doing it all by hand and in a WORD document. I would like to get this into a more streamlined "EXCEL" document for easier calculations, and less human error.

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First, make a document that works - either by revising what you ahve or throwing away the old one and starting new. Once you get something that works and everyone likes, your own document control system will have to tell you what you have to do to officially release it.

Excel is typically better for doing math, but it is not great at formatting text. You can do math in Word too, but it is not as straightforward. My formulas:

Little Math + Lots of Text + Need to Spell Check Easily = Word

Maximum Math + Minimal Text = Excel

Many Records + Math + Text = Access Database


I am needing to change a Text document with no calculations from an EXCEL to a WORD


A document that requires adding percentages and warehouse loads to a raw materials cost from a WORD document to and EXCEL.

I agree with your formulas completely, and Im not sure why this wasn't addressed earlier, it is something that I just was made aware of.

Now, would my Document Control System be included in my "Procedural Guidelines" or SOP's or whatever the verbage is.


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Are we missing the point here....? Debating if word, excel or even a smart PDF will meet the document needs
The question asked is…..What is the process I would use to get this changed?
Your QMS should include a process for updating or amending documents, it’s this which should be followed. This will normally involve an amendment request and an approval from the document owner. But you should comply with your QMS procedure.
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