Changing out Thermocouple - Is new calibration required?



I have a temperature logging device that was calibrated with a discreet set of TCs. Several have been damaged and need replacing. If I purchase replacement "calibrated" TCs does the unit with the new TCs require re-calibration? If so, is there a standard reference that someone can point me to that addresses this concern.


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Re: Changing out TC. Is new cal required?

It depends on a few things...

Was you unit calibrated together with the old TC's ?
What range of error or offset is material in your usage?
What level of drift is allowable?
What temperature ranges are you working in?

At higher ranges, the act of calibrating changes the TC anyway so it's useless.
In lower ranges, the TC/logger assembly should be calibrated as a you should recalibrate.

What situation or environment are you in?
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