Changing the structure or the format of the Quality Manual - Indentions


Vash Stampede

Quality Manual Revision

Hi Everyone,
I had some problem with regards to the arrangement or a structure of our quality manual. :confused: Our quality manual was arrange with indentations and the problem, is that paragraphs are getting smaller as the tab indentations is getting bigger on the right side. :frust: Now I would want to change the structure or the format of the quality manual, that is instead of making tab indentations, I would rather arrange it in one pile on the left, no indentations, regardless of what number it is, e.g., :confused: With regards to this, do i need to document the change that I would be making? :bigwave:

Any feedback would be appreciated. :)
Thanks in advance,
Vash :cool:


I would - I would note it as a format change just to document the reason for the "visual difference". There should be no problem with this at your next audit.

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