Characteristics Matrix - Does anyone know what a characteristics matrix is?



Does anyone know what a characteristics matrix is? The APQP has an example but I'm having a hard time relating it to our automotive electronics products. Is more for mechanical tolerancing?

Does anyone have samples that they can show me?

I'd appreciate any help I could get on this.

Kevin Tan

Hi Miriam,
I agree with you that the one example of Characteristics Matrix in the APQP manual glossary section "sucks".
I see this Matrix as simply displaying any potential relationship between the process input and process output, where:

process output = the product characteristics
process input = the steps in process flow (what APQP calls 'manufacturing station')

For instance if scratch on product is important characteristics, then where in the process can the (mis)handling lead to it? Put a "X" at the intersection of the matrix.

Kind of similar to FMEA, no?

Can anyone point out if I'm wrong here?

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