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Hi. Just wondering if anyone would have any interest in an Elsmar Cove chatroom. Just something that people can pop in and out of during the day. There seems to be a plugin for it for Xenforo (Chat 2 by Siropu).
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I think what he has in mind is "real time chat" where you have a way for people to "chat" in real time. If I remember correctly we did that many years ago for a short while. It wasn't used mainly because most people here are not really interested in that type of interaction. It's mostly used in gaming forums and the like. In addition, you don't really leave a record of what is discussed tied into, for example, a forum focused on what can be various topics, and I doubt it is searchable.

It's also somewhat server intensive as it is constantly pinging and updating.

I would think that if people really wanted something like that there are applications like Whatsapp and I guess there is still Google Groups ("Hangouts"?) and such where you can have a group of people who can connect as a group in real time.


Starting to get Involved
Yes Marc, you're right about the "real time chat".

And all fair points about it not being a means of communication amenable to QA/RA folks seeking answers to (sometimes esoteric) questions. Plus I'm not the one paying the server costs. :ko:

The fact that a lot of us may be the only QA/RA person at our companies had me looking for some place to pop in and commiserate with peers--not necessarily dive into the nitty gritty of serious topics. To Jen's point, the best place to do that is probably the Coffee Break and Water Cooler forum.

Thanks for all your work in maintaining this site. It's been a great resource over the years.
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