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Check if you know these Logos - An Excel Quiz


True Position

Re: Check if you know these logos ?

I could get 101 correct answers after a thorough appraisal yet there are few which I suppose should be correct like - NBC/ CNBC (106), EA Sports (34), Batman (11), India Post (24), Maruti Suzuki (25), Pepsico and few more.

I've attached the sheet that I filled in. If someone has got different answers, please share.
Attached is your version with some of the ones I knew, up to 112 now.




I cheated, but here's the full 130.
Thanks True Position. It's great to have the full package which tells where I couldn't get to or got close to the target.

The attached sheet is 'spell' sensitive and at two places in particular (25 & 85), any north Indian would always get a 'false' however correct s/he might think in her/his opinion because of differences in local language and available syllables. Though it's 'Maruti' but in southern part of the continent, 't' is often (may be always) suffixed with 'h', hence 'th'.

Anyway, I really enjoyed this brain teaser and learnt something new.


PS: BTW, what's the trick in # 11. I too typed the same spelling 'Batman' as you did, but I got a 'false' while yours' 'True'?
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