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Checking status of Medical device

Hello all! Thank you for reading this post.

We are importing MD from China. It's not a must to register them in our country/EU/, but it is good.

Our lawyer said that after telling the agency, the agency will check in their internal registers for the validity and legality of the device - i guess they check the EU representative.

Is there a way to check in a public register about the EU representative and some further info for a concrete device /class I, non sterile, no measuring functions/

Also about the label - we have to write the EU representative i guess.

Thank you for reading.

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I would also like to know where it could be possible to look something like this up because this is possible in China.

Looking forward to an answer
I understood that there is register, but internal, only for institutions to check you. So the way is to register in your country/they will check/before any import and after that to import, when you are sure it's all good.

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