China breaks world record for car sales in 2013 !

Ajit Basrur

China breaks world record for car sales in 2013 !

Car sales surged in the U.S. last year, as the automotive industry came roaring back from the dark days of the recession. But the 15.6 million vehicles sold in America last year still lags behind China, which in 2013 reportedly became the first country to sell more than 20 million.

The China Association of Automobile Manufacturers says those 2013 sales figures are a 14 percent increase over 2012's data. And a new report from IHS Automotive expects passenger vehicle sales in the People's Republic to rise further in 2014, as global and domestic automakers vie for the lucrative national market.

According to IHS, sedans saw the largest growth by volume in China last year, reaching 7.3 million units and accounting for nearly 47 percent of the nation's passenger vehicle market.

The top-selling passenger vehicle in China last year was the Ford (F) Focus, with sales of nearly 403,000 units, up 36.2 percent year-to-year. The next best-selling model was the Volkswagen Lavida, followed by the Buick Excelle, produced by General Motors (GM).

But Volkswagen claims the title of top brand in China by volume sales last year. IHS says the German automaker sold nearly 2.4 million units in China in 2013, up 16.9 percent from a year ago. South Korea's Hyundai was next in sales, followed by Japanese automakers Toyota (TM) and Nissan, with GM in fifth position.
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