China GB4943.1 Safety Requirements - PCB Markings


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I am desperately trying to find information regarding product marking requirements and symbols related to the China GB4943.1 Safety Requirements and more specifically regarding PCB marking requirements.

Background information: Our product is UL certified to UL/CDN/IEC 60950-1 which has a requirement that critical safety components be traceable to UL standards. One such component is the PCB itself, which must have markings on the PCB traceable to UL's on line UL directory. The board assembly supplier changed PCB supplier on us and this supplier does not have any PCB markings traceable to UL's directory. We are having trouble getting information from the PCB supplier and now suspect that the PCB markings that are present on the board may actually be markings traceable to the GB4943.1 Chinese standard instead. However, I cannot find anything online that shows what such PCB markings would be.

I am therefore hoping someone may have information to share that can help us correlate the PCB markings we are seeing, which we assume may be related to GB4943.1, and how it may correlate to the UL markings.

Thanks in advance.
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