Choosing a Registrar - Registrar Selection II


Al Dyer

Registrar Selection II

I will be doing a survey of users of the cove to rate registrars to QS/ISO/TS you know what I mean.

If you want your company recognized please respond to this thread and request inclusion in the survey. I will take responses until 3/8/02. Very early in the morning.

I already have the questions so be creative!!

Disclaimer by me, Al Dyer. I hold no hostages and will report the true results.:thedeal:



Should have read the other thread first, then I would know you wanted registrars to reply to this one - DUH! :ko:

I guess you know I am not a registrar nor do I work for one. You can, if you are short on participating registrars add me to the list. If I come out on top, maybe I can open my own company and become rich like Marc.

Sorry to mess up your thread Al :bonk:


Al Dyer


I've never known you to "mess up a thread", all of your input is accepted, respected, and used. Keep it up big guy!!!!!!

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