Choosing a Registrar - What Should We Look For in a Registrar?


Al Dyer

The company I am currently working with wants me to direct the process of selecting a registrar. They do have a good project management system so I thought this would be no problem.

My first concern was my previous experience with registrars, which I held in check, because I did not want to skew the selection process.

I went to the quality digest web page and downloaded the results of the July 2000 registrar assesments. That is where I decided to start my mission.

I designed a matrix using the results of their various rankings in the study and added my own weighted ratings based on our companies' wishes. As a result we came up with a group of 5 registrars that responded to our request for quotes. ($15,000.00 to $23,000.00) (<40 employees)

To date we have had 2 of the original quoting companies come in and give us their presentation and answer our questions.

The 1st company came in with their representative, plus the auditor we would be working with. All went well and we liked their total package.

The 2nd company sent a rep. from their company that "might" be our auditor. I asked him how critical path, as called out in TS-16949, could be realized. He proceeded to ask me if I had a copy of TS that he could "borrow" before he answered the question. I gave him my copy and after I showed him where critical path was noted, he took 5 minutes to answer and said to the group that "Critical Path" was nothing more than having a process flow!!!!!!!!!!!!

We were not impressed with the presentation!

Am I incorrect in thinking that any representatives from a Registrar should at the very minimum have a copy of the standard with them and be well versed in the process?

I even sent them a copy of the questions we were going to ask before they were scheduled.

We are now down to the third interview with a registrar that I have worked with in the past as well as the Lead Auditor.

I guess my questions are:

I have worked with the registrar and auditor I want in the past, should I remove myself from the process?

One of the 1st 2 registrars guanteed registation over time. (no, not pj)

Should I be looking for something more!!!!!!!

If anybody wants to know the registrars and auditors use the E-Mail......


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You might also want to look through the presentation at Quality Management System Implementation - there are some suggestions on choosing registrars there. In addition, there are several files in the pdf_files directory. Look for the files beginning with 'Registrar'.

You are experiencing a typical 'registrar interview'.

->The 1st company came in with their representative, plus
->the auditor we would be working with.

Auditor turnover is pretty high. Don't get too attached to one specific auditor.

->Am I incorrect in thinking that any representatives from a
->Registrar should at the very minimum have a copy of the
->standard with them and be well versed in the process?

I would think they would have a copy.

->I have worked with the registrar and auditor I want in the
->past, should I remove myself from the process?

Why would you?

->One of the 1st 2 registrars guanteed registation over
->time. (no, not pj)

Almost all of them will promise that.

->Should I be looking for something more!

Do you want something else?

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barb butrym

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Al, beware that the registras in that survey were selected based on some money changing hands....I forget the real method...from paid advertisers only, or something..not a real representative sample what ever it was... I've forgot the details, just know it was skewed.

What do you get for 15k?????? You nave every right to talk to your auditor not a "maybe" one and you were not expecting too much.

Al Dyer


Thanks, I need all the help I can get. I have worked with a couple of auditors in the past who have refused to work with some registrars.

One person we met with was surprised that I actually brought up that artical and assured me that the people in the organization that received the lower scores "were very upset". This is the same person that did not bring a copy of the specification and asked me for my copy.!

Thanks for the help!



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FYI - Quality Digest Survey
Selection for inclusion in the article required the response of a certain number (I want to say 5) of surveys. We chose a company that didn't make it on the survey. They missed the number by one. Big deal. You can ask the registrar for a copy of their rating by the magazine even if they didn't make the published article. Our registrar offered this information to us up front, without having to ask for it.



I assume you're referring to getting ISO9000 certified...

One of the major tenets of the Purchasing element in 9000 '94 is evaluating your suppliers. Your Registrar is a supplier of a service and must pass whatever requirements you levy against a supplier via your evaluation criteria. You set the criteria based on the needs of your business. How you evaluate them is your business. They should respect your gathering objective evidence of them meeting your criteria! Remind them of that and see what their reaction is! Your concern is that your system provide your customer with what they want, and if their certification of your system is part of that process, then they should be subject to the requirements, just as you are! BTW, that's also part of the Contract Review element that requires that expectations be fully defined and met!

As an evaluation, I would fully define your expectations from a registrar and see who commits to meeting those requirements the way you want them met.

See you down life's highway!


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Good post, I'll admit I've never used that tactic before, sounds good.

It is TS, but the thought process is the same.



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I have seen registrars ask to see me (as their consultant) and them (the registrar) on the company's approved supplier list and I have seen them ask what the evaluation and acceptance criteria are for both.

On all invoices I clearly state that I must be on their Approved Supplier Listing for ISO 9001/QS-9000 compliance.


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Choosing a Registrar

Hi There,
We are an ISO9001 Certified company. We are planning to upgrade from the 1994 Edition to 2000 Edition. Now there were a lot certifying bodies out there. And it would be a competition to each one of them. Previously we used to stick to one certifying body. Now, I'm planning to entertain each one of them. My concern is:
How am I gonna evaluate this certifying body? What are the criteria that i need to consider? Was it cost? quality of their service? How am i gonna evaluate their quality of service, since we are the one to be certified? Am I gonna evaluate them just like a supplier that offer a service, e.g. service provider. Please help.
Any feedback would be appreciated.
Thanks in advance,

Laura M

Marc has a excellent "how to choose a registrar" file in the FTP section. Take a look around the rest of the site.
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