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Choosing a Registrar - What Should We Look For in a Registrar?


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We used a combination of interviews with registrars,auditors,cusomers and scored survey. Some tips:
1. interview the auditor (in person or via phone).
2. talk to their other customers (not the ones on their promo list).
3. know the registrar's policy.
4. pick the one that is the best fit for your company and its maturity level in its QMS.


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Hi Al,
Originally quoted by Al:
"I think the more important issue would be the auditor, not the registrar. We put together a list of questions, mostly related to interpretation, and interviewed the auditors first."
As a start, I make use the one in free files, "Interviewing a Registrar" was big help for me to understand what are the things that we should know regarding a Registrar. We haven't talk to the auditor itself.

"In some instances I already knew the auditors and were indepedents and in other cases I contacted the registrar and asked them to send an auditor from their staff for our interview."
In view of this, are we going to document the process of interviewing an auditor??:confused:

Hi gpainter,
Originally quoted by gpainter:
"talk to their other customers (not the ones on their promo list)."
Are you talking about who were their currently certified?:confused:

Thank you very much,


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Yes, I requested a complete current list and called random customers on that list. I felt that the ones on the promo would only give good answers. I was surprised how many customers were unhappy with the registrar and actually had bad feelings about them. Needless to say they are not are registrar.


I'm Bilingual now!

Al D.

Descargué su cuestionario del secretario. Eso trae el número de sus
referencias a seises. Una pregunta me ha sorprendido. Los
secretarios cargan generalmente al cierre fuera de nonconformances?
Apreciaría su respuesta en español. Tenga una poca diversión!
Guarde en acarrear!




At my previous company, the auditor actually wrote a minor finding against us because his company was not on our approved suppliers list. After that, I started treating them just like any other supplier. I would definitely keep evidence of supplier evaluation for the certifying bodies that you evaulate.

Have a happy weekend,
Many companies require that their vendors are registered to ISO 9001 as part of the approved vendor criteria. How many of you are using a Registrar that is registered to ISO 9001? Just curious.



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We do not require registration from any of our vendors. Our registrar is accredited by the RAB and RvA, but is not registered to any standard.
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